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The coast is usually an important tourist area for tourists visiting western regions of Turkey and Europe. The main beaches begin on the Aegean coast and end on the Mediterranean coast near Marmaris. Our Travel Agency is a professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge,  We offer transportation, Marmaris Daily Excursions & Trips  activities, excursions, day trips, sightseeing, things to do, day tours in Icmeler Turkey 2020. Why pay twice more by buying tours from your hotel guides or spend your precious time in search for a travel agency you can trust?

Our website presents Best Daily Excursions and Activities in Marmaris with the lowest prices you can find during your holiday. You can organize your Marmaris excursions from our website before you come to your holiday and you can save your precious time and money. With us you are guaranteed the highest quality service at the lowest prices. Feel free to compare us to other agencies, you will easily see the difference.


Marmaris Daily Excursions & Trips


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Our Travel agency is the leading tourism agency with its more than 35 excursions in and around Marmaris region and each tour is fully insured and managed by professional guides. Both ways free transfers are included in all our Daily excursions and Trips in Marmaris & Icmeler region. All our staff in our agency are licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism.

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 Most Preferred Day Trips in Marmaris Turkey

Our Travel agents who are registered with TURSAB, the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, are only allowed to list their packages on our platform, and which implies that you can be sure that you are regularly updated and fully insured so that you can have a great time in Marmaris and İcmeler Turkey. You can have satisfactory service by our Bulut Travel Agency. And get the amazing Daily tours package at affordable price from our agency. Whether you like adventure sports, Activities, Sightseeing, trips, things to do, or you just want to enjoy quality time with your family or childrens, relaxing and enjoying in the sun, our website has something for every kind of traveler.

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Book tours and trips in Marmaris İcmeler 2020. We offer a wide range of excursion options to choose from such as Yacht Charters in Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, Here is some of our tour list of Daily Excursions and trips in Marmaris TurkeyDalyan Turtle beach, Marmaris Pirate Ship Boat Trips, Private Airport Transfers, Turkish Bath (Hamam)Jeep Safari Tour, Quad & Buggy Safari, to name a few.

The mesmerizing sceneries of the Paradise Island or the nightlife of Marmaris can only be experienced by taking a tour package to Marmaris. While in Marmaris, take the chance to visit also grand bazaar, the castle, yacht marine, which is in center. Primary tour prices are inclusive of hotel transfer charges and the majority of our tours plans include at least one meal, which helps you save considerably on the budget front. Our agency ensures to keep transparency when it comes to hidden charges or tour inclusions and exclusions so that customer dissatisfaction is minimal, which is an integral part of our customer service ideology. We offer well-trained guides with knowledge all majorly spoken languages so that customers of all dialects can have complete understanding and experience of Marmaris culture.

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Most Rated & Popular Daily Excursions in Marmaris 2020 with prices

Most rated things to do in Marmaris and İcmeler. We design excursion tours based on customer requirement such as age group, gender and relationships. If you are a couple seeking some private, romantic experience, if you are a group looking for adventure sports or if you are seeking a quality family time, we have it all.  If you are planning daily tours or excursions in Marmaris, book your trips online with our travel agency and we guarantee to offer the competitive and best prices 2020. Planning an excursion on your own requires a great deal of input like selecting the places to visit, calculating the budget, traveling concerns as well as safety and security. Don’t let your vacation time be spent in planning and not enjoying, let us take care of your needs while you enjoy.


Marmaris Excursions

Whether you are a traveler on an epic journey, looking for a short getaway, or dreaming of a life changing adventure, the new Marmaris excursions offerings were designed to fulfill your unique personal travel dreams and make each journey a memorable experience. Marmaris daily excursions Trips Tours Activities Things to do Boat Trip in icmeler turkey prices 2020

Marmaris Trips

For all excursions we have English, Flamish, Russian, German speaking professional guides. Prices includes a / c transfers from hotel or from your place. All passengers fully covered insured for their Marmaris trips.

Top activities in Marmaris & Icmeler

Our Marmaris travel company offering you the best available best daily activities and things to do in and around Marmaris. We are one of the best travel agents in town and best possible prices, we are offering you an unforgettable holiday this summer in Marmaris and Icmeler.

Excursions in Marmaris

Whether you are looking for an excursions in Marmaris or a lazy day out, Marmaris excursions can provide you with both. You can spend your day on a relaxing boat trip with your family and friends, or go on adrenaline-filled excursions such as rafting, jeep safari trip, River rafting or Quad Buggy safari tour. Marmaris daily excursions Trips Tours Activities Things to do Boat Trip in icmeler turkey prices 2020

Best Boat trip in Marmaris

We offer relaxing Marmaris Boat Trip at an affordable best price. We arrange for unlimited drinks onboard along with a luscious BBQ lunch. You can pick from the beverages such as tea, coffee, or soft drinks. Explore the closely located islands, caves and coves! Enjoy the grasp of nature with the touch of the sun on your skin and the sea breeze on your face! Take a swim, sunbathe and ultimately relax!

Marmaris Dalyan trip Turtle Beach

Our Marmaris Dalyan Trip (Turtle Beach) is a full day trip and you need the best-equipped boats to travel that long. We arrange for the tour in one of our best 3-storeyed boats with sunbeds on the terrace. Down stairs have tables, chairs and modern amenities including showers and toilets maintained at their best. We have two well-stocked bars onboard open all day serving. Dalyan is a small town on the Dalyan River, inland from Turkey’s southwest coast. The area is not only famous for its natural beauty and the unique Iztuzu Beach that will be mentioned below, but also for the Lycian rock tombs on the cliffs overlooking the river.

Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour

Our Marmaris Jeep Safari Tour gives you a great opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside and also get a close glimpse of the beautiful nature. During the trip, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, swim in the mudflow area, visit the waterfalls of Turgut, and experience the feeling of walking in the middle of the sea by following the sand bar in Kiz Kumu.

Marmaris Turkish Bath Hamam Spa

The Marmaris Turkish bath is an incredible experience that you cannot miss during your holiday in Turkey. The traditional Turkish bath has been an important feature of Turkish culture for centuries. In addition to rejuvenating your body and your senses, a traditional Marmaris Turkish bath spa hamam offers many health benefits. Clean your skin, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, reduce stress and at the same time reactivate the body and soul. It is better to enjoy a relaxing Turkish bath than to list the benefits on paper!The best thing to do, would be to visit the hammam during the first days of your vacation, before plunging yourself into the local traditions, forgetting about all of your problems and therefore enjoying your holiday. It will also prepare your body for long days full of sunbathing.

Marmaris Turkish Bath Hamam Spa

Marmaris to Cleopatra Island Boat Trip

Cleopatra Beach is around 30 minutes’ drive from Marmaris. The road crosses the landscape to the bay of Gallipoli and we leave with a traditional Turkish wooden boat. While driving, you can soak up the sun on the upper deck or relax in the shade on the lower deck. On the way to Cleopatra Island (also known as Sedir Island), we visit beautiful bays and stop to swim in the turquoise coastal waters. The sea naturally makes everyone hungry. So it’s time for a hot barbecue lunch on the boat with different alternatives, then we approach the island of Cleopatra. Here you have about 3 hours of free time to sunbathe, swim, relax and have fun. The boat trip to Cleopatra Island is an incredible 8 hour journey experience from Marmaris to the quietest and most beautiful places in the world that you will never visit.

Marmaris Rafting Tour

The Marmaris rafting tour offers you many fun and real adventures. The streams here offer currents up to level 4. In addition to the adventurous raft tour, the magnificent bottom with pine trees, stone cliffs and the river flowing through the canyon will surely captivate you. The duration of the visit is 12 hours and offers you an excellent opportunity to spend a day in the cradle of nature! The journey from Marmaris to the base camp in the Dalaman River region takes approximately 90 minutes. During this journey through the countryside, you will be admired for admiring the magnificent natural setting that surrounds it.

Marmaris Fishing Trip

Our fishing trip in Marmaris is organized regularly every day. Unlike many other fishing excursions, our fishing excursion takes place mainly within 30 minutes from the port of Marmaris. With more time in line with water, you are more likely to take life. Our specially constructed fishing boats are well equipped with modern fishing equipment to ensure you make the most of your fishing day in the Mediterranean. Fish visits to Marmaris take place daily between May and October. Do not forget that our visits are organized twice a day. If you want to start again for a promising new day, meet us at our first session from 9:30 am. at 1:30 p.m. If you are a kind of relaxed tourist and enjoy the joy of the morning with long breakfasts, the second session is ideal for you and starts at 2:30 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Marmaris Fishing Trip

Swim With Dolphins in Marmaris

Marmaris Dolphin Park is one of the places you should visit while in Marmaris. Our Marmaris Dolphin Swim is an exciting program that you will remember for a long time. The program gives you the opportunity to swim and hang out with the dolphins in Marmaris, the “angels of the ocean”. Our Swim with Dolphins excursion includes a convenient transfer to the hotel, full insurance, parking tickets and the Swim with Dolphins program. The park is open all year round from 9 a.m. at 5pm and offers four sessions a day. You can spend about 30 minutes with the dolphins in our swimming program and the duration of the pick-up and delivery route is about 2 hours.

Marmaris Go Karting Tour

Marmaris Go Kart tour is an exciting activity for your whole family. The Go Kart Arena is just minutes away from the city center and is open all day. With 8 sessions a day, you can plan your visit to the arena at the desired time. This sport can be played easily and you don’t need a driver’s license to drive the kart. Beginners can also easily drive these vehicles when traveling at a speed of 40 to 60 km / h. As soon as we take you to the arena, our team will give you the necessary instructions to enjoy your trip safely. They will help you choose your kart and prepare you to wear protective gear before you start driving.

Marmaris Aqua Dream Water Park

The Marmaris Aqua Dream water park is the largest and most exciting water park in Marmaris and its surroundings. The water park is located on a hill and offers a breathtaking view of nature and the city that you will love forever. This large park has 9 different slides of different intensity and is a perfect place to enjoy with friends, family and children. Aqua Dream certainly attracts all members of the family. Let us give you a few examples to help you better understand the Aqua Dream water park: while Gorky “Black Hole” and “Kamikaze” pump adrenaline into his blood and make him cry, you and your family can ride the roller coaster “Multi-Slide” entertaining, “Family” and “Lazy River”. There is a swimming pool specially designed for young children. It takes into account the safety of your children and offers fun animations and toys, as well as the possibility of finding new friends. So if you are having fun with your friends or alone, you don’t have to worry about your kids and make sure they have fun too!

Marmaris Horse Safari Tour

Our Marmaris horse safari ranch is only 20 minutes from the city center, after it is picked up at the hotel, it takes about 20 minutes to arrive. It is not necessary to be an expert rider to participate in this tour. People of all ages can participate in our horse safari adventure. Our team at the ranch will provide you with the necessary instructions and advice to ensure you have a pleasant horse ride. Our friendly horses are well trained and will be kind to you. Children over 8 years old can take their own horse in Marmaris. Children under 8 years old can participate with their parents on the same horse. When you think of horses, what comes to mind? Perhaps his nobility, friendship, wisdom or his place in history … Have you ever experienced a close encounter and had a good time with one of them? According to scientific sources, horses have been called the noblest creatures in the world and have been man’s best friends from 4000 to 2000.

Marmaris Horse Safari Tour

Atlantis Waterpark in Marmaris

The Marmaris Atlantis water park, dozens of slides and large swimming pools await you. The Atlantis Waterpark Marmaris offers a wide range of attractions for connoisseurs of all ages. We have 5 different pick-up times to pick you up at the desired time with our free shuttle service. The numerous slides, the wave pool, the mini golf, the children’s pool, the food and beverage markets and a private beach by the sea will keep you entertained all day long. The Atlantis water park is located in the heart of Marmaris Longbeach. With a variety of attractions and facilities, the water park offers a wide range of entertainment for your whole family. The Atlantis water park has thought of everything to ensure your safety and that of your children. Lifeguards are available all day at Atlantis Water Park. There is also an infirmary in the facility. Despite all these safety measures, the safety measures in the water park are not affected. If you stay in Marmaris, Icmeler or Armutalan, we offer a free shuttle service at any time of the day. You just have to make your reservation.

Marmaris to Rhodes Island Day Trip

Take part in our exciting day trip from Marmaris to  Rhodes island as part of your Marmaris vacation this summer. Marmaris Rhodes Day Trip gives you the unique opportunity to visit Greece from Marmaris and return the same day! To enjoy most of our day, we start our visit at 7:30 am and make an appointment to return to Marmaris before 6:00 pm. With a valid Schengen visa, you can enter the Rhode Islands directly from Marmaris. We organize fast catamarans with powerful engines that will get you across the sea in no time. In fact, Rhodes is barely more than 45 minutes from Marmaris, so getting there is an easy choice. Rhodes is the largest island with an area of ​​1,400 km2 in the Greek Dodecanese group in the southeast of the Aegean Sea. Rhodes not only has a remarkable place in mythology, it is also known for its historical context, its archaeological and cultural wealth.

Marmaris to Rhodes Island Day Trip

Marmaris Quad & Buggy Safari Tour

Our Marmaris Quad and Buggy Safari tour is an exciting visit for brave hearts! While the hikers are walking along the route in the middle of the beautiful landscape, the participants of the visit feel strong feelings and an adventure without interruption. The buggy safari tour is an exciting activity that gives you total excitement and joy. both at the same time. Be sure to register for this tour if you visit Marmaris during this vacation. Free and comfortable hotel transfers are part of our buggy safari trip to Marmaris. The location of our buggy safari is about 15 kilometers from the city. As soon as we pick you up from your location, we will reach you within 20 minutes. The location of our buggy safari is on the north side of Marmaris.

Marmaris Quad & Buggy Safari Tour

Marmaris Mugla Market Shopping Tour

Our visit to the Marmaris Mugla market tour offers you a fantastic opportunity to discover the real pleasure of shopping at a local market. This local market near Marmaris has everything for sale, from vegetables and fruits to fake jeans, shoes, shirts or handicrafts and perfumes. The Mugla market also offers first-class dishes and drinks. Market restaurants are known for their authentic Turkish dishes as well as their local and foreign drinks. Mugla is one of the oldest cities in Turkey. It is known worldwide for its remarkably complex Greek and Turkish architecture. This unique and amazing mix of cultures and arts makes Mugla a place where you can enjoy views of exceptional historical sites as well as the greatest shopping experience of your life.

Marmaris Scuba Sea Diving Trip

Are you looking for an adventurous and exciting holiday experience in Marmaris? Our diving trip in Marmaris is an excellent opportunity to experience this very special feeling of adrenaline rush! The warm, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean offer excellent diving spots. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a certified diver (PADI-CMAS-BSAC), we offer diving opportunities for every participant with different capacities. Even if you are not diving, you can join our excursion and take part in other activities on board. Let’s get to the details, this trip takes about 6 hours. It starts around 10:30 a.m. when you need to be picked up. You will receive formal instructions before the dive begins, followed by a brief introduction to the principles of the Marmaris Diving Tour, including underwater sign language. This short lesson is for your own safety and that of your surroundings.

Marmaris Pirate Ship Boat Trip

Are you tired of the typical day trips by boat? Would you like to try something new? Good news! Marmaris Pirate Boat Trip is what you’ve been waiting for. Take your kids with you and enjoy all the fun on this large pirate ship designed specifically for you. Marmaris Pirate Boat Trip is a unique offer where you can enjoy nature at its best. Escape the stress of city life and enjoy unforgettable vacation experiences with friends and family on our incredible boat trip. We also offer a pick-up and delivery service from your hotel. During the boat trip, the food is served in buffet form, accompanied by drinks, all of which are included in the price. Your pirate ship cruise with Davy Jones or Mamma Mia starts at 10 a.m. We take regular breaks to take a bath. All types of drinks are refillable. The foods included in your lunch are chicken, pasta, and lettuce. During the tour, a team of 15 crew members will show you a variety of games and activities. There will also be a disco and foam evening on board.

Marmaris Turkish Night Tour

Marmaris Turkish Night tour is an exceptional visit for all those who love belly dancing, folk music, Turkish cuisine and lots of wine! It is also a cultural night show with folk dances, traditional ceremonies and artists performing interesting tricks in colorful costumes. Our Marmaris Turkish Night Show in Kervansaray is full of good things! There is everything to make your night visit an unforgettable experience. There are lots of entertainment options with belly dance and folklore shows, good music and lots of delicious Turkish dishes where you can dance and party! Enjoy an unlimited selection of wines, local beers and soft drinks, all included in the price of the trip. “Turkish night” takes place in the evening and therefore has its own charm. You have the opportunity to try all kinds of dishes prepared according to traditional recipes. Being served in a national restaurant will give you an unforgettable experience. This special evening is dedicated to Turkish cuisine and folklore.

Marmaris Icmeler Village Tour

Our visit to the village of Marmaris tour offers you an excellent opportunity to discover the peaceful and unspoiled life of the landscape around the lively seaside resort. A few decades ago, Marmaris was also a small fishing village. However, it is now a popular vacation spot in the region. Almost everything in Marmaris has been changed to meet the expectations of the tourists who come here. The Marmaris Village Trip is an escape from the hectic and hectic life that you have lived for many years. The main idea of the visit is to allow you to walk in the countryside, meet the villagers, interact with them and learn more about their society, their culture and their way of life. Village life just 20-30 km from Marmaris is a completely different world.

Marmaris Talk of the Town Show Deja vu Comedy

Spend one of your best evenings in the lively Marmaris bar. The show “Marmaris Talk of the Town” takes place in one of the most popular bars, the Cheers Bar. The tour gives you an incredible experience by visiting one of the most turbulent drag show cabarets you have ever seen. You can spend the night singing and dancing to your favorite songs and enjoying a delicious dinner with drinks on the bar’s private beach. It’s a fun evening to play loud music, dance non-stop, enjoy lots of comedy and laugh out loud with lots of gags. The cabaret show begins after daylight begins to wane around 8:00 p.m. The cabaret Dejavu show is a dragster show (funny enough, isn’t it?) Full of bright colors, bizarre costumes, comedies and ingenuity. This will no doubt assure you that you have troubling problems or thoughts and will allow you to experience the moment! You are entitled to dinner and a local drink (with or without alcohol at your leisure) at the price you pay for the show ticket.

From Marmaris and Icmeler to Pamukkale Tour

Take part in our Marmaris Pamukkale tour and enjoy a day in one of the natural wonders of the world. Pamukkale is one of the most unique travel destinations in Turkey. The locals call it “the cotton castle” for a reason. The place is home to a huge mountain completely clad in white, and visitors are amazed by this fascinating spectacle. This place is also classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Pamukkale is located 200 km north east of Marmaris. This journey takes about 3 hours with our comfortable and air-conditioned buses. In Pamukkale there are huge stalactite rocks, caves, mineral baths, hot water pools and many cascading streams. The hot springs are a typical attraction in summer and winter. Many tourists enjoy bathing in natural hot springs with their families and children. You can enjoy your time with nature and history. Since the Roman antiquity, the periphery of Pamukkale has been crowned with the name Hierapolis, which means “THE HOLY CITY”. Hierapolis got this nickname because of the many temples and healing powers of the region’s hot springs. Pamukkale, which literally means that the cotton castle is the eighth wonder of the world. Or you can call the place “Aegean’s White Dreamland” … If you go through the ideas on the bucket list “The 30 Best Places in Your Life”, you will see Pamukkale there. This is exactly why you will surely regret leaving Turkey without visiting Pamukkale.

From Marmaris and Icmeler to Pamukkale Tour

From Marmaris to Ephesus Tour / Icmeler To Ephesus Trip

Ephesus is located about 200 km northwest of Marmaris and a two and a half hour drive on low-traffic motorways (via the D550). We offer a special tour of Marmaris Ephesus where you can learn more about the ancient city of Ephesus. During these regular visits, our professional guides will accompany you to all of the places on our list. With comprehensive information about the tour programs, our friendly and English-speaking tour guides are always available to answer your questions on site. Our daily visit to Marmaris Ephesus includes not only a visit to the ancient city, but also a visit to the popular sanctuary of the House of the Blessed Virgin Mary above Bulbul Mountain (a place just 9 km from Ephesus). The first human settlements in Turkey date from the 9th century. The most recent excavations have uncovered more than 300 ancient cities on the Aegean coast alone: ​​the largest and most interesting is the ancient Greek colony of Ephesus, which is only 3 km from Selcuk in the province of Selcuk.

Izmir was in the 10th century BC. Founded by Greek settlers, Ephesus became famous for its large building, the Temple of Artemis. Considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, this magnificent temple, with over a hundred huge and tall pillars supporting a huge temple roof, has become the largest open-air museum in Turkey and a major tourist attraction. , This immense archaeological site attracts almost 2 million people annually. The city offers fascinating sights such as the ancient temple of Artemis, the temple of Hadrian, the library of Celsus and the remains of an impressive amphitheater, each with 24,000 inhabitants. In fact, Ephesus also has a good connection to Christianity. Saint Paul, a disciple of Christ, stayed in the city for almost three years in a row (AD 53 to 57). He collected and organized missionary activities in the hinterland. The Corinthians were written here during his stay. It is also believed that the Virgin accompanied John to stay on Bulbul Mountain, the place that was popularly known as the House of the Virgin until his Ascension. The site is rightly declared a holy place of pilgrimage by the Vatican Supreme Church. John, one of the main apostles, also has a connection to Ephesus. He is said to have written the Gospel of John in Ephesus around 90-100 AD. Take our tour from Marmaris to Ephesus to explore the ancient city of Ephesus from Marmaris or Icmeler.

From Marmaris and Icmeler to Fethiye Day Trip

Embrace your inner explorer and feel overwhelmed by the extraordinary natural beauty that Fethiye has. This great day tour from Marmaris is definitely the one for you to visit and explore Fethiye. A relaxed atmosphere, exotic turquoise water, breathtaking panoramic views and impressive landscapes are the perfect combination for an unforgettable tour from Marmaris to Fethiye. This full day tour should start in the morning. A fully air-conditioned and comfortable bus will pick you up from your accommodation in Marmaris. A professional driver and a fully trained tour guide ensure a pleasant day trip. Note that the distance between Marmaris and Fethiye is about 130 km or two hours. This exploration begins with a visit to one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The blue lagoon will take your breath away due to its rocky terrain and crystal clear water. Around the bay, high and imposing mountains create a majestic atmosphere like no other.

There you have two hours of free time. During this time, you can swim, relax and enjoy the sun, take photos or explore the area. One of the best ways to see and admire the beauty of the Blue Lagoon is to watch it from above with an exciting paragliding experience at an additional cost. The guide can help you participate in this great activity. The bus then continues towards Saklikent Gorge. Lunch will be offered upon arrival and before entering the gorge. In a local restaurant you can enjoy a lunch buffet with starters, salads, rice, fish or chicken. At the end of your lunch break, you will enter the gorge accompanied by the guide to explore this national park for a few hours. The Saklikent Gorge is the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey. It is also one of the longest on the European continent. Get ready to explore this place and watch the wild beauty that demonstrates. The calm atmosphere and the impressive canyon will impress and impress you.

Things to do in Marmaris for Families & Children’s

Marmaris has something for everyone. If you want to focus on tourism, you will find a fascinating range of tourist attractions to keep you occupied. The labyrinthine old town is full of atmospheric historic sites, while the city is perfectly situated as a starting point for visiting the region. Family holidays in Marmaris mean days of relaxation by the pool and action-packed fun in the theme parks and in search of great adventures in the great outdoors. With year-round sunshine, award-winning beaches, and world-class hotels, it’s no wonder families are returning to this beautiful resort on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. We’re starting to plan the ultimate trip and help you out. to make things happen. Here is our selection of the best Family and Children activities, Things to do in Marmaris and Icmeler for young and old.

Marmaris Travel Agency

Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming. A travel agency not only organizes various modes of transport, but also saves money with early booking discounts, special prices, hotel offers and travel advice. The use of the services of our Marmaris travel agencies is never chargeable as they receive commissions from suppliers and not from travelers. Travel expenses are the same (or lower) regardless of who books them. Why don’t you have an expert at your side? Our travel agency in Marmaris offers personalized routes and services, including tours, daily trips, airport transfers and car rentals.

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